Savior, by Empty Head Games (Video Games)

The First Cuban Indie Game


Founder: Josuhe Pagliery

Empty Head Games is one of Cuba's handful of game development studios, and the first to release a true indie game: Savior. A side-scrolling platformer, Savior uses novel gameplay mechanics to tell the story of a Little God who realizes that his world, and the video game, are collapsing in the wake of the disappearance of the Great God.

I met Josuhe when he was still a solo artist trying to make the jump from video art to video games. I helped him launch the first Cuban Indiegogo campaign to fund the demo of his game, and got his story in nearly every major gaming publication, from Kotaku to PC Gamer to a multi-part story in Polygon. As a result, Josuhe was able to get additional funding offers from a variety of partners around the world and launched his demo in 2019.

Savior screenshot

Savior is Cuba's first independent videogame. It's "indie" three times over: developed without a studio, without the government, and, mostly, without internet.