Jono Matusky

I design and build fun, engaging and
(sometimes) world-changing


I’m Jono Matusky, an entrepreneur, consultant and designer working on wide ranging projects in far flung fields. I’m a generalist and a jack of all trades, and I’m always looking for new and interesting things to work on. If you’d like to collaborate, let’s get in touch! My current and past projects, from most normal to least normal, include:

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Current Projects




Product Development and Entrepreneurship, Nov 2018-Present

Founder of Plynth, a music streaming device that uses image recognition to identify and play any media placed in front of it, whether they’re vinyls, CD, cassettes or custom artwork. Play your records without the record player.



Advisor, Marketing and Business Development, Jan 2018-Present

Hands-on advisor for Sage as they test and deploy their innovative remote monitoring and irrigation system for green roofs. Learn more in their website.


Philadelphia Mini Maker Faire

Head of Maker Outreach (aka Maker Wrangler), 2019-Present

Lead outreach and coordination of our makers–exhibitors, workshop leaders and presenters–for the 2019 Philly Mini Maker Faire.

PXL LAB-03.jpg


Product Development & Design, 2018-Present

Program Manager for product and installation design/build cooperative in South Philadelphia. More information on our website.

Athens Nutrition Logo for Social-04.png

Athens nutrition

Marketing Consulting, 2018-Present

Providing marketing and business development expertise for a woman-owned health startup in Philadelphia.


Past Projects


Medical Illustration

Design & Illustration, June 2019

Worked with doctors at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania to create illustrations for their paper “A Clinical Reference Guide on Sexual Devices for Obstetrician-Gynecologists” published in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Double Dare LIVE - Prop Fabrication

Fabrication & Design, March 2019

Along with the team at PXL LAB, designed and fabricated the nose and glasses for Nickelodeon’s Double Dare Live.



Fun-A-Day Philadelphia 2019

Watercolors of every album in my collection, as part of the ongoing Fun-A-Day Philadelphia project. Buy prints here or see more on my instagram @jonomatusky.


eCommerce and Strategy, 2017-Present

Project Manager for the global launch of Cuba's first fashion brand and online retailer.

guampara logo blue copy.jpg

Guámpara MUSIC

Marketing and Strategy, 2018

Business Development consultant for Havana’s premier Afrocuban record label in Cuba.

Empty Head Games

Fundraising, 2016

Helped Cuba's first independent game development studio fund the demo of their first video game, Savior.

Innovadores Foundation

Managing Director, Feb 2016-Feb 2018

Started up and ran an a technology and design incubator based in Havana, Cuba, until international geopolitics intervened.

Aurochs Brewing Co.

Marketing and Product Testing, May 2011-May 2014

Along with some beer-loving and gluten-intolerant friends in college, co-founded one of the world's first gluten free breweries.

Aquion Energy

Product Management

Helped bring into the world the first Cradle-to-Cradle certified battery, made from dirty, water and cotton.


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