Innovadores (Non-Profit)

Promoting development by working with Cuba's brightest innovators

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Innovadores promotes technology and design in Cuba by working with some of the island's most brilliant innovators. 

Founders: Miles Spencer, John Caulfield and myself

Innovadores creates opportunities for Cubans and Americans to work together on exciting, innovative projects. This includes a internship program that bring Cuban students to New York City to work with startups for six weeks; exchange programs that bring American entrepreneurs to Cuba to work with starts ups; and mentorship and advising for Cuban projects and teams.

I moved to Cuba in the spring of 2015 to start up Innovadores's operations on the ground in Havana. With very little by way of support, I began building a team and forging connections to advance the Innovadores mission: promoting technology and design in Cuba. I ran all of their programs and expanded their network to include a range of teams, businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations.